Trump peace plan leaks

What I just learned has me very concerned. Before I share it, I want you to know I would dearly love to see peace come to the Middle East. That's what President Trump's long-awaited peace plan is all about. He wants to do the "deal of the century," as he calls it, to resolve the bitter conflict. And I hope he is able to pull it off. He already surprised the world on North Korea.

 But new information puts Trump's push for Mideast peace in doubt.

Trump sent his Mideast peace envoys, Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, to the region this week to discuss the plan, which is not yet public, in Arab capitals and Jerusalem. The two men, who are lead architects of the Trump plan, visited Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, and Israel on their whirlwind tour. On Monday, Trump talks with Jordan's King Abdullah at the White House. 

Momentum for the plan is clearly building. But if a recent leak is true, Trump's peace plan is already heading down the wrong road.  

+ + Peace plan leak signals wrong direction

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, a well-respected Israeli think tank, revealed details of the plan Thursday. Citing unnamed senior Palestinian Authority sources who learned about the plan from Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the JCPA reported these details about the proposal:

 "the Gaza Strip will be declared an independent state together with parts of the West Bank, excluding east Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The Palestinian capital will be located in the Jerusalem suburb of Abu Dis, along with several Arab neighborhoods in northern Jerusalem." 

You may or may not be familiar with all this geography, but here's the bottom line. If this leak is correct, Trump's peace plan calls for Israel to surrender land God gave to Israel -- "parts of the West Bank," for example -- in exchange for peace. 

It's a formula called "land for peace" or the "two-state solution." And it has me highly concerned. I explain the reasons in my new booklet, Why the Two-State Solution Won't Work . . . But What Could. I invite you to request this booklet when you give today to defend Israel through the work of Christians in Defense of Israel. 

Mat Staver

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