Survey reveals overwhelming support for Israel

Christians in Defense of Israel's "Middle East Peace" survey reveals overwhelming support for the nation of Israel and President Trump's policies. It also exposed perhaps the leading reason why peace in the region is so elusive.

While the vast majority surveyed do not think a two-state solution is achievable...

Do you believe that a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians is achievable?
Yes 10.6%;   No  82.3%;   No Opinion  7.1% 

The next question revealed the reason why...

Do you believe that the Palestinians and Hamas will ever accept the existence of the Jewish state of Israel and agree to peace with it in both words and actions?
Yes  2.9%;    No  94.6%;   No Opinion  2.4%

 The survey showed massive support for the President's policies:

Do you agree with President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel?
Yes  99.2%;   No  0.4%;   No Opinion  0.3%

Do you agree that the American Embassy should have been moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?Yes  98.2%;   No  0.7%;   No Opinion  1.1%

Other questions:

Do you believe that Israel should concede and allow Jerusalem to be divided between Israel and the Palestinians?
Yes  1.2%;    No  96.9%;   No Opinion  1.8%

Are you concerned about American taxpayer dollars being used by the Palestinian Authority to brainwash young Palestinians to hate the Jewish people and to pay terrorists to ruthlessly murder Israelis and Americans?
Yes  98.8%;   No  1.1%;   No Opinion  0.2% 

Do you think God's promise to Abraham in Gen. 12:3, "I will bless those who bless you," applies today to America, as a nation, and to your own individual life?
Yes  97.2%;   No  1.0%;   No Opinion  1.8%

We plan to deliver the survey findings to the Trump administration, State Department officials, and to key pro-Israel lawmakers shortly, before the release of President Trump's peace plan, which may come soon.

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