Schooling future terrorists

Schools funded by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) are educating young terrorists through textbooks and classes that glorify violence and teach retaking Israel via jihad. 

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See below on what students are being taught in Palestinian schools — Mat.

UNRWA operates more than 700 schools across its five areas of operation—Gaza, West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria—giving it a powerful influence on young Palestinians and the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It wields its influence in the worst possible way—not for peace and reconciliation—but to foment bitter hatred toward Israel and Jews.

Last spring, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (USGAO) presented a Senate subcommittee with an in-depth report on UNRWA. As reported by IsraelHayom·com:
"The report examined the textbooks used in UNRWA schools in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Their findings confirm that the UNRWA school curriculum is heavy on hatred toward Israel, violent struggle, the Palestinian right of return, and eternalizing the conflict."

+ + Poisoning young minds

And as we report in our exclusive publication, Not Another Dollar for UNRWA!, UNRWA schools poison young minds with hate. Here are a few examples of what Palestinian students told the Center for Near East Policy Research in on-camera interviews:

• "The summer camp teaches us that we have to liberate Palestine," says one young girl.

• Another girl, about 14, sings, “We are the revolutionaries, we are filled with rage . . . we are the sword and also the joy."

• "Yes, they teach us that the Zionists are our enemy and must fight them," states Nur Taha, an UNRWA student at the Kalandia refugee camp in East Jerusalem.

• "They teach us in school that Jews are fickle, bad people," explains Arafat, an UNRWA student in the Shuafat refugee camp outside Jerusalem.  "I am ready to stab a Jew and drive [a car] over them," he adds.

• "At school, they teach us that Al Aksa [mosque on Temple Mount], and all of Palestine is ours," says UNRWA student Atif Sharha, in the Shuafat camp. 

Now members of Congress have introduced a bipartisan bill to annually review whether educational resources used in Palestinian schools continue to encourage "violence or intolerance toward other nations or ethnic groups."

President Trump is also reportedly planning to end all U.S. funding for UNRWA. The White House has already cut $200 million planned for the Palestinian Authority. 

You and I both agree that no child should be groomed to become a terrorist--and certainly not at U.S. taxpayer expense! Children should be taught life skills so they can have long and productive lives, not become martyrs in order to harm Israel and America. 

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