Pray For Israel

My friend Mike Huckabee recently posted an article on FoxNews in which he calls on people across our nation to stand in prayer and support of Israel.

"Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, needs our support now more than ever. With rising anti-Semitism and hostilities from Israel’s Arab neighbors, our Israeli brothers and sisters need us."

Rallying citizens to stand in prayer and support of Israel is one of the most important efforts of Christians In Defense Of Israel. We have rallied thousands to stand in solidarity with the nation and people of Israel.

I'm asking every member of our team to take a moment today and reaffirm your commitment to pray and support Israel by signing our "Pray For Israel" statement of support. Go here to sign today:

Here at Christians In Defense Of Israel, everything we do starts with prayer. We know that the tensions we see in the Middle East are ultimately spiritual battles. That's why it is so important Christians to stand in support and pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem.
Thank you so much for blessing the people of Israel!

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