I’m Praying for Israel!

My pledge to bless and defend Israel in prayer 

At a time when the Israel and the Jewish people face severe, mounting and unrelenting attack, I am standing with God’s chosen people in prayer. I will pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I will ask God to bless and defend Israel. I will petition Him to defeat Israel’s enemies and to silence its vile anti-Semitic foes.

In addition, I am asking God to give Israel secure borders and peace within. I am asking Him to defeat Iran’s evil, genocidal quest to destroy Israel. I am asking him to confuse and frustrate the counsels of Israel’s enemies at the UN. And most of all, I am asking God to give His covenant people the true peace—shalom—that will only come as they recognize their Jewish Messiah, Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

We bless and honor Israel as our greatest and most trusted friend and ally in the region.

We declare our support for Israel and commit to pray for God's guidance over Israeli leaders and people in this season of rising Middle East tension.

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