Why Israel Matters to America

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Recently, I had the privilege of returning to Israel and once again visiting the ancient places that are so important to our faith. Every time I go, I have a renewed sense of how much Israel matters to the world and, especially, to America. Israel's unique and vital place in the world is why America cannot and must not turn away from Israel.

And that's why I'm asking you to sign the "I Stand With Israel, Do You?" petition now! 
It's crucial you and I tell America's leaders to stand with Israel

Please see my important message below – Mat. 
There are three critical reasons Israel matters to you and each one of us. Two of them are temporal. The third and most important is spiritual. And it is time for our voices to be heard.
First, Israel matters because it is the only stable democratic nation in the Middle East. This is more important than ever as we watch brutal Islamic regimes like Iran oppress their own citizens and threaten Israel and the U.S. But Israel has long been a faithful friend and ally of America.
Under the Trump administration, America stands with Israel. But that firm friendship could weaken if anti-Israel lawmakers are elected and sent to Washington. A fraying relationship with Israel could have grave implications for the entire world.
Second, Israel matters because of the enormous economic and scientific contributions it makes. Though Israel is a tiny nation with just a few million people, it is a world leader in developing new technology. Some of the most important advances we now take for granted—the flash drive, the pill camera, robotic technology—were birthed in Israel.
• But the most important reason Israel matters is because it matters to God! The promises of God to the Jewish people have never been revoked. Israel is at the very center of God's plan for our world today...and tomorrow.
As the Bible says in Zechariah 2:8, "...for he who touches you [Israel] touches the apple of His eye." You and I are part of God's plan; we are not just observers as these events unfold. We play a vital role in the defense of God's chosen people both through our prayers and as we raise our voices to encourage others to join us and stand in the gap for Israel.
These are the reasons why Israel matters to the world and especially to America. There is no doubt in my mind that God has brought us together at this critical moment in history to be a powerful voice for the defense of His chosen people.

God's Word says, "
For Zion's sake I will not keep silent, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not be quiet, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a burning torch" (Isaiah 62:1).
We must defend Israel and the Jewish people. It is God's calling on our lives, and our nation cannot prosper if we are unfaithful to Israel.

+ + Elections have consequences.

There are many in Washington who are doing their best to quietly move America away from its traditional role as a defender and ally of Israel. The 2018 midterm elections could hand a platform and megaphone to shrill new anti-Israel voices--and that could begin the betrayal of Israel in Congress.

You and I don't want Congress to turn into a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel body. But it could. And that's why we must speak out before it is too late

The time is now for you and me to send a loud and clear message to the leaders of both political parties: I Stand with Israel, Do You!

Your petition, along with others, will be collected and we will send a special letter telling leaders in Congress, along with the heads of both major parties, where you and I stand on Israel. And why they must stand with Israel, too.

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Stand With Israel

And when you sign the petition, I invite you to request a fascinating publication from Christians in Defense of Israel. Why Israel Matters to America gives you intriguing details about America's long support for the Jewish people.

This unique and exclusive booklet reveals how, from the Puritans onward, America has been a close friend and ally to the Jewish people and the state of Israel. It's our special gift to you as you respond with a generous gift to help us fight for Israel!

Together for Israel

Mat Staver, Chairman
Christians in Defense of Israel

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