Did President Trump just endorse the two-state solution?

President Trump sent mixed signals yesterday at the United Nations about his long-awaited peace plan.

First he said a two-state solution may be the only realistic option to secure peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Then, in a later press conference, the President said he endorses whatever deal Israel and the Palestinians can agree to.

"Bottom line, if the Israelis and the Palestinians want one state, that's okay with me. If they want two states, that's okay with me. I'm happy if they're happy. I'm a facilitator. I want to see if I can get a deal done so that people don't get killed anymore."

I'm grateful for his later statement. My prayer is that President Trump's support for a two-state solution was just a trial balloon to entice the Palestinians back to the negotiating table . . . but it's not clear. 
+ + The two-state solution is a failed idea and a non-starter.

Trump said his peace plan should be out in the next 2-4 months. I predict failure ahead if it calls for Israel to surrender land God gave Israel in exchange for a promise of peace. That's because "land for peace" or the "two-state solution" is nothing new. It's been proposed numerous times since the 1930s and each time the Arabs rejected it. 

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